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How to Choose Your
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Web Hosting Selection Guide and Tips

Choosing the right web host is one of the most important things for your site. Web hosting companies provide the equipment and other technical resources needed for individuals or a companies to place their web site.

How to Choose Your Best Web Hosting Company

There is no "one size fits all" package in web hosting. You should look for a company that offers a web hosting package specifically to meet your needs. Read more on How To Choose Your Web Hosting Company

Web Hosting Guide

How To Choose Your Web Hosting Company

1. Decide what you need.


2. Find a web hosting company that meets your needs.


3. Make sure that the company provides an upgrade option.


Top Value Hosting Providers of the Month

Professional Hosting from Just Host

What kind of site do you have?

Different types of your web sites require different web hosting solutions. A corporate site would need a dedicated web server by highly trained administrators 24/7 , while a personal web site may be satisfied with a basic free web hosting service. Read more on How to Choose a Web Hosting Service.

Personal/Hobby Sites

Free hosting
Budget hosting

Business Sites

Shared Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
Collocated Hosting

E-commerce/Corporate Sites

Dedicated Hosting
Collocated Hosting

How much are you prepared to spend?

You need to know what you've set aside to pay for the service. Make sure you understand what the fees and upfront cost they charge.


How much would you
spend per month?

Hosting Option


Less than 10 dollars

Budget Hosting
(Cheap Hosting, Affordable Hosting)

Less than 20 dollars

Less than 100 dollars

More than 100 dollars


What kind of platform should you choose?

For most entry-level sites, starting out a Linux server is a good choice, but if you need to support Microsoft products, then you will need Windows hosting. Read more on how to choose your platform.

Linux Hosting


Linux Hosting Providers

Windows Hosting


Windows Hosting Providers


Shared or Dedicated?

There are different kinds of web hosting setups, and the right type depends on your website and budget.

How to decide between shared and dedicated hosting?

Shared Hosting Shared Hosting Providers
Dedicated Hosting Dedicated Hosting Providers

   Managed Dedicated Hosting
   Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

- Managed Dedicated Hosting Providers
- Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting Providers

Colocated Hosting

Colocated Hosting Providers


Domain Registratiaon


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